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My Story

My Scentsy Story - Bonnie Cambridge
Everyone’s “why” is different. Let’s face it, most peoples why is to get a discount on great Scentsy products, and that’s ok. Some just for the kit. Some join to make extra money for bills, travel, or to stay at home with the kids or to pay for extra activities, soccer, hockey, dance lessons, or that shopping addition we all love. But it is your own “why” that matters. No matter what it is with Scentsy there is no wrong reason, only the great opportunity that Scentsy has to offer each and everyone. Here is my “why” and how it bettered my life.
I found Scentsy in 2009. I was at a craft fair and there is was the perfect solution to my problem. I loved to burn candles for their scent, but I always heard from my husband “you forgot to blow out the candle, do you want to burn the house down?!”
I was looking for something to get out of the house to meet new people. I work with my husband every day, so I needed to talk to others. Scentsy made Scents. I love their products; I really liked the price and value. I don’t tell people I sell Scentsy, I tell people what I love about Scentsy, let them smell and try the amazing products and it sells itself.
The best thing I love about Scentsy is the relationships that I have made over the last 9 years. New team members, Scentsy Sisters from all over North America, new friends that I have made from parties and trade shows. Trips I’ve earned with Scentsy and ones I’ve taking with my Family. I wouldn’t give that back for anything. Every time I attend one of the conventions whether it be a big Scentsy Family Reunion to a one-day Scentsy World Tour they are exciting in every way. New products, training tips, give always and a chance to see old friends that you have meet over the years to meeting new friends that become long and lasting.
With Scentsy you are never alone, there is always someone will to help you succeed even if you have never met them. We are all on the same team!
Ask yourself, “what is my why” and let Scentsy and myself help you to achieve it.